Tea Infuser

Innovative, cool and hot is the new SMART BREW SYSTEM ™ from finum with its double wall glass. Here you can enjoy tea, coffee and other drinks up to 180ml hot or cold and are also visually appealing. The double wall glass insulates both hot and cold drinks. The glass comes out without a handle and hot drinks can be safely held in the hand. The double wall also prevents the formation of condensation on the glass surface, so that no more coasters are needed. The practical tea filter with "hat" allows the preparation of drinks at the place of enjoyment, while the lid can also be used as a drip tray.

  • Heat resistant borosilicate glass for cool touch
  • Double walled glass prevents heat loss at the glass surface and marks on the table
  • Filter made from micro-fine stainless-steel mesh
  • Tea hat prevents heat-loss and doubles as a drip-off tray for the permanent filter after brewing
  • Tasteless, BPA free material, easy to clean
Rs. 1,200.00
Rs. 1,200.00

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